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N. K. Jemisin wins her third Best Novel prize at the Annual Hugo Awards


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N.K Jemisin made history with her third win in a row for the 'Best Novel' category, this time for her book Stone Sky,which is the third installement of the writer's 'The Broken Earth' triology. This is the first time that every book in a sci-fi series has won an award!

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Upon accepting her award, Jemsin voiced her speech to audiences, stating:

"It has been a hard year, hasn't it? A hard few years. A hard century. For some of us,  things ahve always been hard. I wrote the Broken Earth triology to speak to that struggle, and what ot takes just to live, let alone thrive, in a world that seems determined to break you.  A world of people  who constantly  question your competence, your relevance, your very existence."

The trophy for this year's awards was designed by Sara Felix and Vincent Villafranca, revealed at the opening ceremonies for Worldcon 76.

Other winners at this year's Hugo Awards included Louis Mcmaster Bujoid for 'Best Series' for The World Of Five Gods', Ursuala.K.Le Guin for the category of 'Best Related Work' with No Time To Spare:Thinking About What Matters, and Marjorie M.Liu for 'Best Graphic Story' with Monstress, Volume 2: The Blood.

The Hugo Awards are named after famous magazine editor Hugo Gernsback who deserves a large amount of credit for his work in bringing science fiction literature to large audiences. This cermony allows a range of creations throughout the genre to be recognised and praised, making sure that diversity and appreciation for the more underreated literature are intertwined also.


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