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Art Review: Rachel Morris - Incorporeal @ artFix, Woolwich


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A new exhibition by artist Rachel Morris opened this Saturday on the upper floor of the Artfix Cafe in Woolwich.

Morris graduated in 2011 from Middlesex University with a degree in Fine Art, and has been part of several successful exhibitions. This new exhibition, she says, focuses on the mind.

Upon entering the room exhibiting her work, one’s attention is immediately drawn to a painting hung between two windows, entitled “The Incipient Anxiety II.”

“This one”, she says, pointing to ‘The Incipient Anxiety II’, “was the first one I painted. And I’ve always looked at the human form, but this time I sort of focused on psychological things like the mind.” Later adding, “This was the starting point for the rest of them, really.”

The painting shows a narrow hallway and no apparent way out, with insects and dirty walls surrounding a clean, black and white rug. In the painting, the rug was inspired by a rug she first had when moving into a new apartment with her young daughter, and the angst she felt served as an inspiration for the details. Morris tells that the details have “all to do with anxiety, and sort of feeling alone and trapped with bad things,” explaining the stained colours on the wall as making an allusion to coffee stains -- a drink that brings anxiety with its caffeine.

Morris had her first solo show in 2012, making this her second solo exhibit. She explains that she predominantly uses oil paint, and her new works “also explore other mediums, scale and shape in an attempt to enhance the viewers emotions.”

Her work is scheduled to stay in Artfix until the 8th of December (details of which can be found here). You can also find her on Instagram at @rachelmorrisart, and Facebook at

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