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Alex Salmond Unleashed: The Edinburgh Fringe show that nobody was expecting


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After unexpectedly losing his constituency during the 2017 General Election to Conservative candidate Colin Clark, Salmond must have found some extra time on his hands.

He has decided to use this time to write an hour-long show that will appear in Edinburgh’s annual arts festival from the 13th to the 27th of August.

The show is set to take the format of a chat show, where Salmond and a guest will discuss a variety of topics.

Producing the show are Denise Silvey and former SNP MP Tasmina Ahmed-Sheik, through the Cahoots Theatre Company.

Salmond said the following about his show:

"I am looking forward enormously to the show at the Fringe. Our objective is that every performance will be different with different topics and different guests. The only consistent feature is that it will always be light-hearted. The audience will get a full opportunity in every show to play their full part.

"There will be a focus on politics, but not exclusively so. There also will be plenty on sport and showbiz.

"Among the invited guests there are a number of surprises. I suspect people might be taken aback at the range of friends who are invited along."

Jackson Carlaw, the deputy leader of the Scottish Conservatives, had some harsh words about Salmond’s new adventure:

“Only Alex Salmond would have the ego to think he could be an attractive fixture at the world’s biggest comedy festival.

“The crowds will almost certainly be laughing at him rather than with him. And it seems he’s recruiting other ousted SNP MPs to help out.

“Next we’ll have Angus Robertson selling the half-time macaroon bars, and John Nicolson checking ticket stubs.”

However, it seems Carlaw might be wrong as tickets for the show are already beginning to sell out.

You can get your ticket for Alex Salmond Unleashed here.

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