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Behind the scenes at the Museum of London's Great Fire exhibition


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Join for a behind the scenes exploration of the Museum of London’s current major exhibition Fire! Fire! which tells the story of the Great Fire of 1666. Hear all about the ins and outs of the planning involved delivering such an ambitious project from the exhibition curator, Meriel Jeater, the museum conservator Rebecca Lang and the exhibition designers Katherine Skellon and Ingrid Hu. Chaired by exhibition project manager Elpie Psalti.

Find out more about Creating Fire! Fire! here.

A private after hours visit to the exhibition straight after the talk is also available. Student discount available.

Meriel Jeater, exhibition curator, in Fire! Fire! © Museum of London

Fire! Fire! marks the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London, in 1666, by exploring the full story of the disaster from how it started to how it transformed the City of London and affected the lives of those that experienced it.

The exhibition begins on an imagined Pudding Lane on the eve of the Great Fire, brought to life through theatrical timber set works inspired by 17th-century illustrations as well as silhouettes and sounds of Londoners going about their everyday lives.

Entering Thomas Farriner’s bakery, visitors then witness the rapid progress of the Great Fire as it spreads across a map of London from 1666, projected on to a giant loaf of bread.

Nestled amongst the remains of fire damaged houses, the Museum of London’s rich Great Fire collections include a variety of scarred and warped household objects such as pottery, plates, bricks, tiles, ceramics and glass that were uncovered in excavations at the end of the 20th century.

A selection of these rarely seen artefacts can be touched and more closely examined with microscopes and magnifying glasses. Further into the gallery, excavated archaeological iron objects can be analysed with X-rays, revealing some surprising details.

An examination into the aftermath of the fire reveals the devastating effect it had on both London and Londoners alike. Within a makeshift tent overlooking Wenceslaus Hollar’s panorama of destroyed London, audio extracts from Samuel Rolle, Thomas Vincent and others detail the personal suffering of the 100,000 displaced Londoners who fled to the fields around the City of London, 80% of which was destroyed.

Alongside plans to rebuild from the likes of Sir Christopher Wren and John Evelyn, visitors can arrange blocks of houses and iconic buildings on top of a map of the City, to resemble the previous street layout or use their imagination to create something new.

Find out more about the Museum of London's Fire! Fire! exhibition here.

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