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Four things to cheer you up this weekend


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While the news is often miserable, it has been particularly frightening in the past few weeks. 

Indeed, with the current political situation appearing less and less stable and our media more than happy to run an unending number of stories on the topic, things can feel a little overwhelming. There is so much information, and yet it seems like we never really know what is going on. 

So, in order to brighten your day we thought we'd highlight a few positive or funny things which have occurred recently, of which you might not have previously heard.

1. Always Campaign to fight period poverty

The brand who sells feminine hygiene products decided to take action against the growing issue of period poverty in the UK, donating an estimated five million pads, which will be used to keep girls in school. In this surprising sign of big business looking after the little guy, Always surveyed people across the UK to find out how period poverty affects teachers, students and parents. 

2. It's a dog's world

It has been revealed that Amazon headquarters in Seattle employ around 6,000 dogs on any given day. 

Don't worry! Not only are they able to spend the whole day with their owners, they are also awarded perks like all the belly rubs they would like and free dog treats.

The headquarters has a deck on the 17th floor for the dogs to run around, with fun items like a fake fire hydrant, dog relief areas and water stations. In addition, the company has a leash free park for the dogs.

3. England's Netball team wins

The English netball team won gold at the Commonwealth games, beating the Australian team who were hosting the event. 

The historic match stunned fans, as the Australian team were considered favourites.

4. Destiny's Child reunite

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Last night those who attended Coachella were gifted with the sight of not just Beyonce on stage, but of the whole of Destiny's Child.

The lucky event goers witnessed the talented trio reunite for a rare performance, as the group (who hadn't reunited since 2013) performed hit songs such as 'Say My Name', 'Lose My Breath' and 'Soldier'. 

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