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Four things to brighten up your day


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As usual, the week has been full of distressing news, which can often make us feel angry, upset or guilty.

It can seem inappropriate to be having fun or enjoying life when terrible things occur, yet in a world where so many bad things seem to happen, it would be exhausting to allow each tragedy to affect how you live. 

Indeed, in a time of so much sadness, it feels more fitting than ever to look for the positives and find that light at the end of the tunnel. As such, we’ve come up with a list of things to brighten up your week. 

1. Students of Douglas High School refuse to be victims

In the aftermath of the Parkland Shooting, there was a different response to the tragedies of the past. The students didn't ask for privacy, they didn't say it was too early to talk about gun control, they didn’t ask for people to respect their grief. Instead, they got in front of the news cameras and the social media trends and made sure their voices were heard. 

They demanded the attention of politicians and held them accountable for their actions. They called B.S on the lies and hypocritical, stereotypical excuses and condolences that are so popular following shootings. They grabbed the attention of the public, organised a march, and promised to become a threat to any politician who supported the NRA. 

After so many senseless tragedies, a movement full of anger and grief, a well as hope and determination, finally seems on the horizon.

2. It’s now even easier to show your friends some love

A new site called DescribeMe, created by Tim Armoo, is helping to tackle mental health problems by encouraging young people to describe their friends in just three words.  A site where people sign up and can anonymously describe their friends in three words, it aims to help people feel better about themselves or support those who are going through a hard time.

Aroma told Metro that “ a friend and I built something to help other 21-year-olds like us who suffer from depression”. 

While a simple concept, he said that the comments made him smile and that “we figured that if people knew how positively their friends think of them, they’d feel better about themselves”. 

It seems his aim has been a success, as receivers (of the anonymous descriptions) have told Tim and his team how much hearing good things about themselves has improved their mental state.

This already positive story is even more heartwarming and encouraging when you consider in what way mental health is typically discussed. As Tim points out, “in this doom and gloom environment around teenage mental health, we could do with a pick me up story about how a group of young people are trying to help other young people feel better about themselves”. 

3. Get inspired to workout by this sweet old lady

Finding it hard to feel motivated to work out? Well, look no further, as we’ve found the perfect video to get you in the mood. Not only will it have you dashing for your gym clothes, this adorable video will also put a skip in your step and a smile on your face!

A 93-year-old woman has taken over the internet after a video of her personal training session was posted online. Sitting on a chair in what appears to be a studio, this sweet old lady can be seen grinning from ear to ear as she works out to music. 

Stomping her feet and moving her arms, the sight of this workout is enough to brighten even the most miserable day!

4. Calling all Vegans, hot dogs are back on the menu! 

Ikea has announced its intention to launch a vegan hotdog, which should be in European stores from this August. 

Everyone knows Ikea is the place to go for that ultimate comfort food (Swedish meatballs, anyone?), however, if you’re vegan you would previously have found yourself out of luck. Not anymore though, as the company has just announced its development of the Veggie Dog, which is going to be 100% vegan. Yay!

The Swedish company assured customers that while this development is part of the companies move to provide more sustainable and ‘healthier’ options, it is in no way a marketing ploy or cheap cash grab. 

Indeed, the Managing Director at Ikea Food stated himself that “there is no point in creating a more sustainable option for our customers if it isn’t tasty”. Instead, they genuinely do seem to want to create affordable, delicious plant-based food which is better for both you and the environment. 

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