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Ten things about Christmas that will make your festive spirit disappear


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Christmas- the time the whole family gathers together. Time of roast chestnuts and mulled wine, and stupid onesies that make you wonder whether your cousin is a Christmas elf or The Grinch. What a merry season!

But amidst the excitement, there are some moments we just wish people weren’t SO into.

1. Christmas aisles before Halloween has even passed.

Your local Poundland has had a small but bold corner dedicated to Santa’s reindeers and snowman wrapping paper since October. It's now December, and you're already over it. 

2. Christmas songs. In November.

The lost 11th Commandment says “Do not put on the Christmas playlist before December”. But honestly, where is the joy in listening to the same ten songs on repeat for two months? Even listening to them for the whole of December can be painful. Just save it, savour it and enjoy it for the moment. With that said, now that we're here, let's not overplay the Christmas tunes.

3. Christmas markets

Okay, this is a double-sided one, I admit. I do, myself love a bit of a Christmas market.  But first, do you really need to have it on for a whole month and a half? And why do people just randomly stop in the middle of the street, while you’re walking behind them? It may be in the best Christmas spirit to visit the market, but please just build it somewhere there is actual space for it.

4. Christmas drunks

The result of the above mentioned Christmas markets or any other festive after-office-hours activities. Christmas is always the time that brings out even the biggest workaholics or home-lovers. Nothing bad in that, but as they’re not too used to the alcohol influences, the whole experience often results in loud and obnoxious individuals who will have to face the realities of a hangover the next morning.

So, remember this - drink with care to avoid making a viral meme of yourself.

5. Christmas presents.

Just to make it clear- there is nothing wrong with giving presents. What can really kill the mood, however, is when you have to participate in all those present exchanges with work and university and then the clubs or societies you visit. What usually happens is you get a person you barely know anything about and the whole Christmas shopping turns into a nightmare or cliché. Just let me buy presents for the people I care about with the sum I want to spare!

6. Mulled everything.

Again, mulled wine on its own is a delicious seasonal treat, especially if it’s homemade. Producers, however, have abused the “mulled” Christmas association, creating all sorts of unnecessary additions to the everyday life. These include mulled wine soap, mulled wine marshmallows, mulled wine candles and even mulled wine vaping juice.

Okay, we get it! It’s Christmas season. You don’t need to make the world smell of mulled wine.

7. Going to work between Boxing day and New Year’s day.

Why, why don’t you just give the people a whole week off and let it be. Who has ever actually gone to work on 28th of December and worked with the same speed and enthusiasm as regular March days? Since Christmas is on the agenda since the end of October at least give us a full week to appreciate it. And don’t even start me on workers in hospitality, they have lost their souls since 29th of November.

8. Christmas parties.

That party you get invited to every year when you’d rather have a day off and just watch TV in your pyjamas. It doesn’t matter if it’s family, work, university or any other community to which you belong. There’s always one that you just wish you didn’t have to go. Don't feel bad though, the same goes for everyone else.

9. Christmas movies on TV.

The same ones. On repeat. Every year. Please make some more good Christmas movies soon, so our kids do not have to re-watch stuff from the nineties and the two thousands.

10. Forcing the Christmas spirit on everyone.

I get it, some people LIKE Christmas. Others LOVE it. But for various reasons some people don’t. Don’t ask why and don’t make me get all merry and jolly if I’m obviously not in the mood for it. There must be a reason and even if not, I deserve to have my choices respected.

Having said all this, Christmas is indeed a time to appreciate the friends and family we have and to try and enjoy the little breaks we’re given. And most importantly, even if you don’t feel all that Christmas-y, remember to just be good to others, it should be enough.  

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