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Why freshers' week isn't everything

03rd October 2013 17:00:00

So you arrived at university, anticipating the ‘best week of your life so far’ where you would make ‘friends for life’. When freshers’ week is discussed everyone seems to have amazing memories, talking about unforgettable events and all the amazing experiences they’ve had. But now, it’s over. Disappointed? Can’t help feeling that freshers’ week wasn’t all it was hyped up to be? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Whilst freshers’ week is a great opportunity to make new friends and meet plenty of new people from a variety of backgrounds, people are often on their best behaviour at first, and it is not until later that they show their true colours. Everyone is focusing on making friends, so some people may alter how they usually behave and interact with others in order to fit in. This could be toning down their personality, when in reality they are the loudest and most annoying person you’ve ever met. Similarly, someone could over compensate by putting on a brave front and trying to create a good impression, seeming to be the most confident person in the room and annoying everyone, when really they are a very placid person who could become one of your closest friends.

Obviously I’m not saying don’t trust anyone at all - just that you will soon realise what people are truly like after freshers’ week is over, and more of a routine is settled into. Now that freshers’ week has ended, this is the time that you should use to focus on getting to know people, and it will probably be much more successful now that all the excitement and audacity of freshers’ week is out of the way. Without alcohol masking people’s true characters you are much more likely to find people with similar interests to you.

For the rest of the first term, now that the initial meetings are out the way, focus on getting to know people doing the same course as you. Arrange to meet up for a coffee with some of the people you sit near in your seminars, or even meet up in the library and discuss next weeks’ seminar work! Societies are also a great way to get to know new people, with a guaranteed shared interest. You will also find that your university throws plenty more opportunities at you throughout the rest of the year – get involved in whatever you can! 

Another drawback of freshers’ week is the unfamiliarity of everything. You’ve landed in an unknown town or city, with little idea of how to get around – no wonder it can be daunting at times. Even if you felt like you knew everything there was to know during freshers’ week, the likelihood is that you will learn most about the place you’re going to university during your first term, after freshers’ week is over. You’ll discover the best bars and clubs to go to, where to get the cheapest food from, and the best bus route to use, and none of this will be during freshers’ week!

Freshers’ week may seem like the best thing ever at the time, but when it is over and you are properly thrown into university life you will discover that there is so much more to uni than dressing up and hitting the town. You’ll have plenty more opportunities to meet people, get involved, and show your true self, after the ‘best week of your life so far’ is out the way.


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