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You can now make magical potions in this Harry Potter inspired London bar


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Harry Potter nerds out there- BEWARE! 

A new Harry Potter themed bar has opened in London and it gives fantasy and magic lovers the chance to experience Hogwarts and specificaly Potions lessons, while dressed in their house's robes. 

According to The Cauldron website: "After donning a robe and testing out their magic wand by pouring a draft of our collaboration beer, students are led to interactive work stations where they follow instructions to prepare ingredients and conjure two cocktails that bubble, smoke, and change colour." 

Hopefully the mixology potions will taste more like Felix Felicis and less like Polyjuice Potion but that's up to your own magical skills. 

And while the draugh beer is not the famous Butterbeer you've read so much about, you will not be left disappointed. Inspired by witches and magical history Four Cauldrons "has a base of wand wood-in this case oak- and a core of ingredients used in magical history- corriander, ginger and vanilla".

And we're sure Professor Dumbledore would've definitely enjoyed a few in the Three Broomsticks had they had the recipe. 

If you want to spend a couple of hours in the company of a more charming teacher than Professor Snape, the tickets are only £29.90. 

The venue in East London also has  " a mystical tree that dispenses beer and cocktails, and over a dozen workstations for our potions students to create their own drinkable elixirs. We've also got a magical greenhouse that uses some of the best growing tech in the world to propagate the botanicals you will be using in your potions." Just in case you were keen on Herbology as well. 

Sounds like a dream? Psst...they're hiring Potions Masters as well.

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