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Budweiser is the most popular grocery product in UK for 2017. What are the rest of them?


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The research giant Nielsen has published the data from its annual analysis of till sales at supermarkets and convenience stores. And there are definitely some surprises in line for us, when it comes to products which have grown in popularity.

The product which has had the best popularity growth in Britain is apparently Budweiser. Sales of the popular beer brand have gone up £49.2m, or 14.9pc, this year.

Second biggest growth has been recorded by Monster: £31.3m this year. Could that be because more and more people are enrolling in university and having sleepless deadline nights?

Not a surprise at all, as avocados keep growing in popularity (thanks Instagram). The sales of the popular food have recorded a £28.5m increase.

Barefoot wine and Coca-Cola have also grown in popularity, confirming once again Britain likes to party. £28.5m for Barefoot and £27.7m for Coca-Cola.

Clean eating is surely the new trend. And no, we’re not just talking about avocados. On sixth, seventh, and eight positions in sales growth, we have Hovis (£25.4m), raspberries (£23m) and the vegan-friendly brand Alpro (£22.3m).

On final positions (but we would not dare to call them losers) are two other party favourites: Plaza Centro and Corona. Plaza Centro prosecco has recorded £21.6m growth in sales and Corona- £21.5m.

Well I think we are safe to say, judging by the choices that the young generation is definitely shaping the consumerist future- for better or worse. 

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