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Here's what students think of Wenger's new Arsenal contract


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The news that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has signed a new two-year contract with the London club he has spent 20 years with came as little surprise.

A torrid run of form between January and March – a period which saw Arsenal humiliated against Bayern Munich in the Champions League last -16 stage – was made up for with an FA Cup victory and top-5 finish as Wenger settles down for another stint at the helm.

We aked university students up and down the country to discuss what Wenger’s new deal means for the future of the club.

Adam Clancy, City, University of London:

“Wenger is nor the problem with the club, Kroenke is. Yes, Wenger has his flaws. Tactically, sometimes he gets it wrong but others he gets right (FA Cup Final win was spot on).

“For me personally, he also does not show enough enthusiasm in interviews and on the touchlines. But inside, he loves the football club, hence why he’s decided to stay for so long.

“Yes, his time wil come, but he has earned the right to choose when he leaves through his service.

“Kroenke on the other hand, does not care for the club, otherwise we would be competing with the likes of the two Manchester clubs and Chelsea financially. Wenger cannot often get the players he wants because he is not backed financially by Kroenke.”

Robert Pratley, University of Southampton:

“ArsenalFanTV will continue to be great for a time to come.

“They didn’t win (against Chelsea) because of his decisions and tactics, but poor refereeing and an uncharacteristically bad Chelsea performance.

“Could get left behind if they aren’t careful.”


Hamza Ali Shah:

“Received unnecessary stick throughout the season just because of a blip in form, which every team experienced.

“A household managerial name was always going to miss out on top 4 this season, it just happened to be Wenger, but he still secured the FA Cup, his 3rd in 4 years.”

Antony Coombe, Loughborough University:

“I'm quite happy he is staying to be honest, he is a good manager in my opinion so Arsenal Fan TV can go away.

“I’m glad he found a good moment to announce it though, after they beat Chelsea.

“The club is going to struggle buying quality players without Champions League football though so they had better hold onto Sanchez for next season.”

Gursimran Hans, City, University of London:

“I think Arsenal need the long term to replace him. They can't suddenly sack him as the new guy would be thrown into the deep end and the change would be harder to deal than Ferguson's retirement

“Arsenal only have one style of play whereas at least Fergie mixed it up a little. But that is also a reason why I think Wenger has to go. He's stayed the same whereas others have changed.

“Arsenal need a strong, gradual transition, not sudden change. If I was in charge I would decide Wenger’s replacement now and make him assistant for two years to takeover when Wenger retires.”

Wenger: "You want to respond to the demands of all the people who love this club." #Arsenal #Gunners #AFC

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