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TV Review: Clique (Series 1, Episode 2)


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Following last week's shocking opener, this week's episode of Clique only poses more and more questions, as the central group of girls begin to truly live up to their eponymous title. 

Naive fresher Holly (Synøvve Karlsen) is struggling to reconcile the truth behind last week's morbid cliffhanger, in which she watched as the mysterious Fay (Emma Appleton) fell to her death. Increasingly suspicious that something darker is happening at the heart of Solasta Finance, this week's episode sees Holly prying further into the Clique - to moderate success.

Last week's episode posed many questions and this episode hasn't done much in the way of answering those mysteries, electing instead to ratchet the suspense even further by creating brand new ones. Despite her mysterious call for help in the previous episode, Holly's best friend Georgia (Aisling Francoisi) appears just fine, looking glamorous and confident (if somewhat withheld) as she solidifies her place within the clique. 

We also get a closer look at the central clique and their places within the Solasta initiative - courtesy of Holly's introverted neighbour, Elizabeth - but something still feels off with the glamorous trio. Evasive and cold, the three remaining interns elicit a great amount of suspicion as they attempt to push Holly (and the audience in turn) off of the scene and out of their internal affairs.

Karlsen's central performance as Holly is magnetic, as well as moving. Isolated, disorientated and at the same time incredibly focused, Holly is an increasingly interesting character, providing a relatable viewpoint into this tale of mystery and suspicion. We are made to look at the events unfolding with the same curious scrutiny as she does, refuting claims of paranoia with her as we are given more and more veiled glimpses into this world. 

This episode also hinted at Holly's past, suggesting that she "did" something terrible, losing her friends and her confidence in the process. But as with everything in this show, quite what is happening here is anyone's guess.

Stylish but dark, the cinematography once again exemplifies the plot as something that is coveted yet dangerous. Drugs and sex are rampant, though seemingly not for any other purpose than to elevate the stakes of adult desire. Suspicious as it all is, it's not surprising that Holly wants "in" on this world - even if it's just to uncover the secrets that it holds. 

Another strong episode of intrigue and drama, Clique definitely feeds on suspense and for now, we're happy to keep trailing along, picking at the enticing breadcrumbs that are scattered before us. We just hope that it's all leading to a very big reveal. 

Clique is available to watch now on BBC iPlayer, with new episodes being added every Sunday.

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